Welcome back to our "There is a Story in Every item" section of our blog where we unveil new products that is designed with a story in mind. Each of the items in this category is designed with so much care and thought that a good couple of weeks goes in the making process. Hence we are always proud to write about it so our lovely readers can share the feeling with us!

So this time, the story is picked from the current season. Fall ! 

We are based in Southern California where there is hardly any fall colors around, however we love the beautiful foliage that one can find in the Vermont area, New Hamsphire specially. We picked all those bright beautiful colors and tried to pretty much throw them in a Jewelry - this time the lucky category is "Earrings"!

These lovely post earrings measure about 25 mm round and covered with lovely fabric. So they are fabric post earrings. The posts are made of surgical steel so they work great on sensitive ears.

So below is the picture that we are happy to share.

The post earrings can be viewed and purchased from HERE: And the best part is, they are just $17.50

Fall Inspired Earrings