Manomay's exhibit at Holiday Boutique CAFAM, Los Angeles

What is CAFAM?

The (CAFAM) Craft & Folk Art Museum engages people through its diverse exhibitions and programs that challenge established ideas about craft and folk art and inspire a sense of inquiry and creativity within all people.

Serving Los Angeles for over forty years in the city’s historic Miracle Mile district, the Craft & Folk Art Museum is the only institution in Los Angeles exclusively dedicated to celebrat­ing contemporary and traditional craft and folk art. Founded as a popular art gallery and restaurant in 1965, “The Egg and the Eye” became a not-for-profit museum in 1973. In the decades that followed, The Craft & Folk Art Museum solidly established its position as a primary exhibition and research entity in Southern California for folk art and craft. As Los Angeles developed as an important international art center, the Craft & Folk Art Museum continued to present indigenous global art forms and to support the careers of now well-known craft artists including Sam Maloof, Otto and Vivika Heino, and Beatrice Wood.

CAFAM was kind enough to invite Manomay to exhibit our products for a holiday bazaar. The bazaar which is hosted by them every year around November is a great time for vendors like us to show & sell their work to clients who are in full mood to shop for the holidays. So its a win win both ways! We had great fun at the bazaar, sold some stuff, met other vendors, spoke to few clients and more than anything simply enjoyed the most beautiful creative work around that one could find.

Sharing some pics..

Manomay's exhibit

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