Its that time of the year again and no we are not talking about the holidays, we are talking about that one "Romantic day" off from work, regular routine and the usual grind. Yes we are talking about Valentine's day !!! 


It is also the time to buy the most special gift for some one that is most close & special to you. They can be your better half. girlfirlends, parents, sister and even just a real good friend. I remember exchanging gifts with my best friend during college on this day! 


We know most of us are out there browsing after work, during work (just kidding!) trying to find the perfect gift and Manomay would like to pitch some ideas in. We only carry hand made items that are unique, one of a kind that you won't find in any regular store. For Valentine's day specially, Manomay has released a small collection and would like to share them with their  lovely readers. So tada, here it is -  Jewelry specially for the romantic day!


Scarlett fabric ring Kiss me my love necklace
Abstract Heart Art pendant necklace Love bird carrying romantic message necklace
I love you post card necklace O meter Loveometer neckace


Let us know your feedback, as always!!