Picures speak a thousand words.


- This is so true for online shopping businesses. You can make & break a sale by a picture. Uploading clear, bright, real pictures of the products goes a long way in online shopping sites. Online business owner, please spend enough time & energy to create the best product photos.


Here are a few tips:


- Try and take pictures with innovate background instead of the traditional whites.


- I wait for sunlight and take in natural light, I dont use any ez cube or special lightings, & hey you know what. it is cheap and works great


- Jewelry pictures needs to be clear, so use the macro option of your camera to take close ups of the jewelry. (show emphasis on beads, materials, clasps used etc.)


And hey thats it. These 3 tips are just enought to produce great pictures.


Add a Vintage touch by using the Sephia mode of PhotoShop / PhotoShop Elements.




Image normal mode




Headband in Sephia mode


I used Elements and this is what I did to create a retro mode on the below head band picture. It is QUICk & EASY trick.


1. Open the image in Photoshop Elements


2. Go to Image-> Adjust Color -> Color Variations


3. Adjust the Color Intensity Slider one level down


4. Choose Increase Red, Decrease Blue.


5. Optionally you can play with the options to get the hue you want,


Thats it. Save the pic and you have a retro looking version of your product !!!!


Happy Photography & Photograph Editing !!! :)