Manomay has started a new featured collection called "Inspired BY Collection" where items that are created and designed based on an inspiration will be featured. The inspiration can be anything from a simple shades of sea to a beautiful place on earth like the Maroon Bells. In short, - There is a story in every Item.


Every artistic creation is always a result of a story that comes from the creator, Jewelry designing is also one such art. And the designer at Manomay (myself ocourse) :)) has decided to feature one item per story and share them with the readers.


Today's Story is: Maroon Bells @ Colorado.


Maroon Bells Colorado Inspired Design


I decided to take a vacation to visit Aspen, CO during last fall and Maroon Bells was a definite stop. Up till then I had only heard of the spectacular beauty of the place but when I was right there standing in front of the breath taking view of the Bell with yellow aspen leaves and the sparking lake water I was simply in awe. It is the most beautiful place on earth. The colors around me, so vibrant so full of energy inspired me to create this lovely necklace. 


The necklace - I tried to bring in the greens from the tall trees, the amber from the fall colors and the golden hues from the sunset all in this one jewelry. 


I hope you all like the necklace and the story that came with it. Enjoy