Every one loves facebook right? We all are hooked on to that thing for atleast 15 mins every day. Some of us even browse it during our morning cup of coffe? 

I personally think the better things of facebook are also the apps they have. Some of the apps are free and useful, some awesome ones are available for a small price and what do you know we can also create a custom app. Isn't that just cool?

Well, a couple of days ago I stubmled on to a cool "giveaway App for facebook" called Hoopla Giveaway - http://apps.facebook.com/hooplasoft_giveaways/board . It is basically a straight forward giveaway application to promote your facebook page and get more "Likes" to it. It takes care of all the rules, entering contestants and even picking a winner.

I was super excited about this app and guess what I actually have a giveaway on schedule now. :)) Check out the link below and hey Enter for the giveaway yea? !!!


For all you small business owners out there, try it, it is really cool !!!