For all you fashion freaks like me, I started this new post called "Did you Know" about all the world famous fashion designer labels. I personally always was and still am very interested to know how all these big designers made it to where they are now, what the history behind their success is and what makes them so special that people go crazy to wear/flaunt them. I love to read more and more about them and truly as you do so you realize that building a magnum takes so much hard work, perseverance, attitude and creativity.


Today's post is about Prada. We all know Prada of course but here a few points that you may or may not know.



Prada in Italy

Did you know?


- That Prada was founded by a person called Mario Prada along with his brother in 1913 under the name Prada Brothers

- Prada continued to later run under Miuccia Prada the grand daughter of the founder and Miu Miu is a brand under Prada named after her.

- The classic Prada handbag was released in 1985 and was an instant success

- Prada has over 250 world wide boutiques.


These are some interested wow facts about Prada that I loved reading and wanted to share with you all.